Behind the scenes with Model Sable Va’Aran and fashion designer Elyse Jones

On-set with the singer Monique Ella Rose

(Below) On the job with Dr. Bernadette and Dr. Howard Murad for an episode of "Life In Harmony" in Santa Monica

(Below) A recap of BMW Test Drive Event week on Martha's Vineyard with Monarch Magazine - August 14-20, 2017


(Below) "Dr. Bernadette MD - Life In Harmony" Promo & Episodes 1-3

Producer: Stephanie Matthews | Cinematographer: Umair Jangda & Mariam Iqbal, Theory Image | Makeup: Olivia Moss | Set Designer: Heather Glass-Oaks Stylist: Jenai Dominique | Location: The Seasoned Farmhouse

(Below) Monarch Magazine Summer 2017 editorial shoot with Naturi Naughton. Location: Lower Manhattan Financial District (NYC).

(Below) Monarch Magazine Summer 2017 Cover Shoot with Chef Marcus Samuelsson. Location: Red Rooster Restaurant, Harlem, NY.

(Below) A collection of images from various fashion editorials, and agency model shoots. Locations: NYC, LA, Chicago, Detroit, Columbus

(Below) Luxury Global Production One, The Four Seasons, Las Vegas | Executive Producer: Suraj Maraboyina | Creative Director/Photographer: Stephanie Matthews | Director: Julian Melanson, Visual MVMT; MUA: Barbara Joe Batterman, Hair: Alyn Martin, Stylist: Tanja Caldwell; Camera 2: Luis Trujillo, Lighting: Dennis Harber | Model: Andrea Balov

(Below) Luxury Global - Production Two - Marina Del Rey, CA | Executive Producer: Suraj Maraboyina | Creative Director/Photographer: Stephanie Matthews | Cinematographer: Luis Trujillo | Makeup: Sian Richards | Styling: Sunii Hendrix | Lighting: Naoe

(Below) Monarch Magazine, Cover Shoot with Don Lemon (CNN) -- on location Gild Hall, Financial District, NYC.

(Below) Monarch Magazine Cover shoot with Tamera Mowry, L'ermitage, Beverly Hills