Stephanie is a Force of Nature!
— Joyce Tenneson, Renowned Fine Art Photographer
The movement, skill and precision of a Stephanie Matthews shot reminds me of an African drummer. Methodical, synchronized and full of motion...all the things that I represent as a designer. Our gloves fit and I always look forward to our photo adventures...
— Korto Momolu, Fashion Designer
Stephanie is an amazing Fashion Photographer and Creative Director who has provided us with stunning pictures for our organization. She has an amazing eye for style and creativity, utilizing light, color, and texture to deliver beautifully crafted images.
— David Klein, Goldsmith & Klein
Stephanie is the ULTIMATE PROFESSIONAL. Her keen eye for detail is amazing she is truly a gifted photographer. I would work with her anytime anywhere.
— Alyn Martin, Celebrity Hair Stylist
My first and for-most impression of Stephanie Matthews is her professionalism, not just with photography, but the way she conducts business. I always want her to be the first to shoot my collections.... Her photography makes my work stand with, if not surpass my competitors. Stephanie’s photography has helped my business move to the next level...
— Jacinta Ligon, Couture Fashion Designer
Stephanie Matthews has worked on various on-set and on-location fashion photography shoots as well as her international travel for in depth photography assignments. Her photographic talent and light mastery is highly in demand from numerous agencies and magazines.

Based on Stephanie’s background, experience, creative skills, professionalism, and personality she is a great asset and has a talent that demands attention on any photo project and fashion industry environment.

Stephanie has a number of strengths to offer such as: hard work, diligence, resourcefulness, artistic vision, and creativity. I feel these attributes demonstrate a Photographer with exceptional skill and character.
— Michelle Washington, Fashion Stylist
Stephanie is an amazing photographer! I’ve worked with Stephanie on two demanding projects. I’ve seen samples of her work from other projects. I am impressed with her ability to compose a great shot (especially on the fly) and her creativity. Stephanie is an amazing photographer and a joy to work with.
— Jill Frost, Executive
Stephanie, Stephanie…what is there left to say that hasn’t been said again and again. Stephanie is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G and a superiorly gifted individual. I can only hope, one day, we’ll do something again that is fashion-based because, let’s face it, her fashion work is simply stunning.

I hired Stephanie to shoot photography for a website. On time, had awesome assistants, equipment I dream about in my sleep…everything. The shoot, for all we had to accomplish, went very quick! As another creative, working with Stephanie is fantastic. Convey your idea as the Creative Director to her and she is off running, locked and loaded with great visual direction.

I would hire her again at a moments notice–no hesitation. She is a profoundly gifted individual and your life will be that much more enhanced by working with Stephanie. She has my utmost highest praise and recommendation
— Holly Koskinen, Art Director, Cult Marketing
Of all the photographers I have worked with, Stephanie was the one that “got it”. She picked up on my styling aesthetic with ease. She is able to collaborate creatively, lead a team, and build on a vision like no other. On set, she is quick and I mean QUICK, shooting more than 10 looks, full editorial spreads, in less than two hours. Not only is she quick, she knows how to get “the shot”. She uses unique lighting techniques that can capture amazing images in complicated settings like a white dress on a white background. Most importantly, she is a pleasure to work with and professional at every level. She has served as a mentor, a close friend and I would highly recommend her to anyone in our industry.
— Justine Aliotta, Fashion Stylist, 5F at Bergdorf Goodman
Stephanie and I have worked together on a number of jobs and each time we have worked together she amazed me by her skill set and professionalism! Her lighting techniques are great and her ability to “get the shot” is amazing! She is truly one of the best and her energy on set is wonderful! She’s excellent at what she does and I look forward to working with her again!
— Torrence Forde, Freelance Makeup Artist | Licensed Esthetician | Beauty Editor & Contributor
When I first connected with Stephanie to this day she has been the same phenomenal person. Not only is she a SUPERB photographer she’s also a great mentor. She’s extremely professional but her passion is what makes you so drawn to her. Since last year i’ve been published five times including my first cover publishing ever. She’s the very BEST in the business not just for her talents but for her wisdom, passion and expertise in this industry. She will always be a dear friend and I will always refer her to anyone who’s looking for quality.
— Latisha N. Rankin, Freelance Makeup Artist
Stephanie has a creative, bold, and beautiful outlook as a photographer. Her work is conceptually sound and full of life.
— Danielle Ford, Inter Photo Assistant
Stephanie Matthews has a rare gift for capturing a brand’s style and beauty without compromising artistic integrity. Her photographs are both compelling and technically brilliant.
— Thomas Griffiths, Chief Designer, Couture Saboteur
Stephanie Matthews is an outstanding photographer. Her attention to detail and eye for fashion & beauty brings life to any project she touches!!!

Every time I am contacted to work alongside Ms. Matthews is a pleasure and a learning experience. As an MUA, she has definitely helped me to understand what qualities should exist in a well-rounded photographer and what I should look for in a photographer when collaborating with them.

Ms. Matthews is an asset to any photography project!!
— Tamarah Kincaid, Beauty Advisor, Lancome
I have had the great priviledge of working with Stephanie on numerous photo shoots and each time what she brings to the set is unmatched talent, skill, personality, creativity, and ability to capture the “shot”!!! She is extrememly professional and her talent can’t be explained in words. They say a picture is worth a thousand so I encourage you to take a look at her work and book her immediately! Your career will thank you
— Olivia Moss, Makeup Artist
Stephanie Matthews is an incredible visionary and an extremely talented photographer, mentor, coach and role model. She is truly a remarkable person and someone that I admire. She is most definitely a master of her craft and always brings joy and excitement to every project. Working with her is such a blessing and always a great learning experience. She has the ability to turn anything into a masterpiece and brings out the best in everyone she collaborates with. Her knowledge of fashion and artistic creativity are on another level, and there is no doubt that she is bound for greatness!
— Jenai Dominique, Freelance Fashion Stylist
I have worked with Stephanie Matthews on serveral projects and she is an amazing photographer and person inside and out. She brings alot of skill and vision to capture the most amazing images. She is professioanl, has an amazing personality, and most easy to work with. On-set she knows what she wants and she is quick at capturing THAT shot. I love that she has given me the opportunity to collaborate with her Creative Team. I look forward to a great future working together with Stephanie.
— Veniece Hughes, Freelance Manicurist